Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Eternal Truth

Since this is a life or death situation we will cut right to the chase. Satan roams the earth seeking whom he may devour. He hates you and his desire is to see you spend eternity in hell with him and his devils. This hell was originally designed for Satan and his followers but will also be used to contain for eternity all who fail to confess Jesus as their Lord and Savior and give their lives fully over to Him in thought, word, and deed.

Imagine for a moment complete darkness, dark so dark that you cannot even imagine what light is like any more; and complete isolation from everyone and everything. You are suffering the worst physical pain you have ever felt and there is no one to help you and no hope of ever getting better. Worms eat at your flesh constantly and the smell of decomposition of your own body never goes away. As much as the worms eat at you, they never run out of flesh and you have no reprieve, not even through death, for you have already died the physical death. In addition to the stench of decomposition you also smell a combination of vomit and rotten eggs (or burning sulfur). The smells never go away and you have no relief. The smells are so strong that your eyes burn from the vapors. You try to rub your eyes, but the skin on your hands is so mutilated by the worms and maggots, that it only makes the pain in your eyes and on your body worse. You would do anything to stop the pain, but it is relentless and you now know that it will never go away. The word ‘never’ now haunts you and you for the first time understand and comprehend the scope of eternity.

The only thing that outweighs the physical torment is the emotional torture as you constantly replay in your mind (over and over again) how you missed the words of truth in the temporal life and bought into the lies of the devil that brought you to this unimaginably awful place. You thought you were going to be “OK” because you lived a life that was comparatively good by worldly standards, but you never measured yourself by the truth of biblical standards. You were deceived and you fell for it and now the devil laughs at your foolishness for all eternity. The only thing you have that resembles interaction with any being is occasional visits from devils that laugh at you, call you a fool, and then vomit on you and leave again. The vomit burns in your open wounds and acts as an additional food source for the maggots. The pain and torment will never stop… never… ever…

But you still have hope, for you have not passed into your eternal life yet. As long as you have breath in you, you can still make a choice that will change your eternal destiny from the one described above to one of utter and complete joy, peace, and happiness forever! You can make an eternity-transforming decision today that will ensure there is not only hope from the trials of this temporal world but it also ensures a place for you in the eternal Kingdom of God. A Kingdom with a blue sky that is a deeper blue color than anything you ever experienced. The winds that blow are soft warm winds that carry the most beautiful fragrances and every time you breathe you pick up a hint of something else wonderful. If you close your eyes, you can bask in the warmth of the light; not light from the sun like on the old earth that could only be enjoyed for a moment, but rather a light that never ends that emanates from the Son of Man, Jesus Christ; a light that provides a never ending renewal of energy. There is no physical pain and no more tears. Life is perfect in every way and you enjoy the fellowship of others around you in perfect harmony. Love is the blood that now flows through your veins. You cannot imagine a more perfect place; everything is far better than your wildest expectations and you are overcome by the fact that you can spend eternity in this wonderful place.

You see, the devil hates you because you are a son/daughter of God, created in His image and someone who God delights in. God earnestly desires to have you spend eternity with Him in the new heaven and new earth. Christ himself waits anxiously to greet you into this wonderful place and welcome you to your eternal home prepared for you. His heart yearns to be united with you for eternity. But God will not make this eternity-transforming decision for you; this is something only you can do. You have a choice to make in your life now that will affect where you spend eternity. If you choose to confess your sins, ask for forgiveness with a humble and contrite heart, accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior through His sacrificial death on the cross, and resolutely determine to die to your old life of sin and live a new life in Christ, you will be granted eternal life in the wonderful Kingdom of God. If you do not make this conscious and deliberate decision in its completeness, you will spend eternity in hell with the devil and his followers. It is your choice, only you can decide. The decision to give your life fully over to Christ will not make this temporal life easy, but it will offer peace and a confidence that an eternal prize awaits you at the appointed time. A time that is approaching, a time that is closer every day, every hour, every minute (for no one knows the hour of Christ’s return)… what will you decide?

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